DFD6340 For Sale:


Fully automatic Dicing Saw DFD6340, included:
2 x 1800W synchro spindle (max. 60.000 rpm)
Display of spindle RPM; programmable from 6.000 to 60.000 rpm
Wafer size up to 8”
Spindle shaft look function for easier blade exchange
 15“ LCD monitor and graphical user interface (GUI)
– Hard disk and USB port
Spindle coolant flow switch
Wheel coolant flow switch
Auto focus
Automatic kerf check function
Micro and macro microscope
Automatic alignment system with high magnification CCD camera (Macro: 7,5x Y-view=4800μm, pixel size 10 μm)
Micro: 2/3” CCD camera, 163x)
Automatic light intensity adjustment
Automatic lens shutter with positive air pressure blow
Pattern recognition system
Condition monitoring function (spindle rpm, spindle current, vacuum, air pressure, etc. are displayed on the touch panel monitor
Spinner section for wafer cleaning after dicing
Fully automatic wafer handling from cassette to cassette
Signal tower (red, green, yellow)
8” porous chuck and spinner for dicing frames
2” wheel cover
Sets of English operation/trouble shooting manual
Hub mount specification
1.180 W x 1.110 D x 1.850 H mm; app. 1.600 kg
Standard accessories